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What is broadband?
Broadband or ADSL is a permanent internet connection.

A broadband account is always on – you don’t dial-up and you don’t pay for the call every time you wish to connect. With broadband, you are permanently online!

No more extra dial-up costs.
No more drop outs.
No more dial-up squawk.
No more waiting to connect.

Broadband accounts have a much greater bandwidth than dial-up, ending the World Wide Wait and enabling interactive video conferencing or online entertainment such as live performances or movies.

Broadband has another advantage – you don’t need a dedicated line. It can be set up on an existing phone or fax line and you can be on the phone (or sending a fax) from the same phone line that you use for your Internet access. On the one line lower frequencies are used for voice (or fax) while higher frequencies are used for data transmission.

Why use Website Managers ADSL?
Website Managers are interested in providing the right solution for our
clients, this is why we offer a broad range of DSL products for
different situations. We are an authorised Channel Partner for NEC
Nextep and AussieADSL.

Nextep have Australia's first wholly owned and managed DSL network, using NEC manufactured equipment end to end so there are no configuration issues. This enables us to provide cost effective, reliable high-speed internet access and office-to-office private networks. Nextep broadband is 100% owned by technology giant NEC, which ensures that we have the backing of a solid company to be a long-term business partner with you.

Setup Fee (one off payment) $350.
Internet connection from $150 per month for 750MB.
Private Networks from $229 per month with no traffic charges.
More about Nextep

Website Managers are able to provide AussieADSL connections designed for residential and small businesses where the reliability and high speeds of the Nextep network are not required.

Internet connection from $34.95 per month for 400MB.
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