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Premier Channel Partner - Nextep

Website Managers is a Channel Partner For Nextep Broadband Services. After extensive research into the available *DSL services in Australia we have found that Nextep provided premium business broadband services.

Since 2001 we have offered our clients a superb service and reliability for their broadband requirements, and telephone support is free. Should any issues arise with your service you can call one of our trained technicians who will work with you to resolve the problem.

Nextep have Australia's first wholly owned and managed DSL network, using NEC manufactured equipment end to end so there are no configuration issues. This enables us to provide cost effective, reliable high-speed internet access and office-to-office private networks. Nextep broadband is 100% owned by technology giant NEC, which ensures that we have the backing of a solid company to be a long-term business partner with you.

The Nextep network uses DSLAM exchange equipment, to date they have covered 70% of Sydney and the roll out continues. Currently Nextep have the second largest network coverage of the eastern seaboard, with the goal to have a deployment of 240 exchanges by the end of 2004. Since Nextep manage their own network they are able to have complete control of the quality of the service, so you will benefit from superior DSL.

Since 1999 Website Managers has been tailoring the business solution to the business needs, and now with Nextep broadband we believe that we can offer Australian, businesses real solutions to real problems.

We provide:
High Speed Internet Connection: ADSL speeds from 1.5MB to 6MB SHDSL speeds from 256K to 4MB
Private Networks: Head Office and multiple sites.
Teleworking: Allows executives and homeworkers high speed Internet and corporate LAN access.

For more information call our team of trained Business Development Managers now.

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