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Website Managers gives you complete access to you so that you can configure your email the way you want it to be. You won't need to wait for anyone to do it, and all changes are instant, you click the button, and you get instant verification that it has been done.

However, don't think that the system is difficult to use just because it is so powerful. There are a few tips here to get you started, please read through them before you start, to save yourself some time. If you still need help, then you can contact us.

The topics in this section are:
1. How do I get my email?
2. What is Mail Forwarding?
3. What is a POP Box?
4. What is an Alias?
5. OK, so where do I set up these POP Boxes, Mail Forwarding and Aliases?
6. How do I configure MS Outlook to retrieve my Email?


Website Managers’ WebMail allows you to send and receive your emails through the web browser. So you can read your emails from any computer connected to the internet. Go to WebMail.

Website Managers' Re:Mail interface gives you complete control over your email. You can add mailboxes, change passwords, create mailing lists, or even set up aliases to re-direct your email somewhere else. Go to Re:Mail.

Through your Re:Mail you can control all the features of your mailing lists.

The topics in this section are:
1. How do I create a List?
2. How to subscribe to the List?
3. How to unsubscribe from the List?
4. How do I know which email address receives my list mail?
5. How do I send an email to the list?
6. How do I reply to a list message?
7. How do I approve/reject a message sent to the list?
8. Why am I the only one that gets messages?
9. How do I edit the auto-responses for my list?

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